Puzzle Games You Can Play on Your Android Phone

Well, it happens quite often that you are bored and don’t have a gaming console or PC to play your favorite games. There are plenty of games on the play store that you can download and enjoy playing. One of the game genres that people never get bored of is puzzle games. They are engaging and aren’t always full of violence like many other games. So, if you are also interested in engaging puzzle games that you can play on your Android, here is a list of our top picks for you.

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Now, let’s take a look at our favorite puzzle games for 2022.

Baba Is You

One of the most intriguing puzzle games for Android is Baba Is You. Although the graphics aren’t anything exceptional, the developers may perform all kinds of strange things because of the game’s low-fi aesthetic. By manipulating the programming blocks in the game, you can alter the game’s rules. You can alter the rules to solve the puzzle using these programming building parts. Each alteration interacts with the others to produce a variety of unforeseen effects.

Bridge Constructor Portal

A game that combines Bridge Constructor with Portal is called Bridge Constructor Portal. Most of the game’s mechanics are Bridge Constructor-based. You use a range of techniques and components to construct a bridge that connects the level’s two ends. Each level is more enjoyable and challenging – thanks to the Portal mechanics.

It has 60 levels (test chambers), a ton of voice acting from Portal references, and some extras like Google Play Games achievements. Without in-app purchases or advertisements, Bridge Constructor Portal has an initial cost that you need to pay to buy it. It is an excellent puzzle game, in our opinion. Those who have Google Play Pass can play this game for free as well.

Amanita Design

Google Play lists Amanita Design as a publisher. Along with Botanicula, Samorost 3, Chuchel, and the well-known classic Machinarium, they offer three other really cool puzzle games. All the games offer enjoyable puzzles, a unique visual aesthetic, and straightforward game mechanics. In essence, you explore the game’s landscape in quest of hints and puzzle answers. Each of them also has cute little stories. Each of the four games costs a little bit purchase cost. However, after you buy the game, there aren’t any in-app purchases.

Blue Wizard Digital

Another Google Play developer is Blue Wizard Digital. There are two top-notch puzzle games there. Slayaway Camp is the first. You pretend to be a serial murderer and kill victims while eluding the police. Then, there is Friday the 13th. Besides that, there are over a hundred levels of gruesome gameplay, yet many of the same concepts are present.

These games aren’t appropriate for kids or those with sensitive stomachs. Otherwise, they create fantastic horror-puzzle games. The games come with a price and are not completely free of cost. Although it contains in-app purchases, Friday the 13th is not a freemium title.

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is a 2018 puzzle game that is more recent. It has a range of riddles that are comparable to those in console games like The Witness. There are several boards you need to solve, and there are 18 stages in the game, each having a different type of puzzle and a plot. The first two games in the series, of which this is the third, are also rather fantastic. Together, the three should offer a respectable amount of amusement. Nine levels are free on the third one, and the remaining ones come with a price. The earlier games are likewise reasonably priced.

The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara is a comparatively new puzzle game and has many similarities to older adventure puzzle games such as Myst. Users saunter through a universe in search of hints, discovering secrets, and piecing together the narrative from bits of the game’s reality. It has exploration in a 3D world and surprisingly good graphics.

With support for a lot of languages, achievements, and a simple game UI that prioritizes the game environment, the developers complete the experience. There aren’t many issues with this game, however, the controls can be finicky at times.


In the game Gorogoa you see a few illustrative panels in the game, where players arrange the panels to tell their story. You must arrange thousands of drawings in the game, which eventually contribute to the overall plot. Instead of letting the player read a lot of text, it largely focuses on the artwork to tell the story. The puzzle parts are manageable, and the way of storytelling is intriguing. It is a fantastic puzzle game, especially for art lovers.

Professor Layton Series

Puzzle games for the Nintendo DS are part of the Professor Layton franchise. A handful of them has been converted as mobile ports for Android by the game’s creators, Level-5. On Google Play, you may purchase Layton: Curious Village, Layton: Diabolical Box, and Layton’s Mystery Journey. You embark on an expedition to solve puzzles and solve cases for Professor Layton in the television series.

The dialogue and silly circumstances in the games serve to create a light-hearted environment. However, because they are somewhat pricey, we advise playing as much as you can during the refund period to be sure you like them.

Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm

A fantastic puzzle-drama adventure game called Life is Strange, centers on a high school student Max, who has extraordinary abilities. She has the ability to relive different parts of her life. Up until the desired outcomes, you go back and redo various events. This game is a port from the console, and it’s also rather nice. The tale is engaging, and the mechanics and graphics of the game are excellent.

A precursor to this game is also available, but we might wait for one or two updates before giving it our complete endorsement. Even though the core mechanic of this game isn’t a puzzle in the traditional sense, we’re counting it. Although it significantly expands on the premise, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is less polished than the original.

Hello Neighbor

One of the most original puzzle games for smartphones is called Hello Neighbor. You wish to investigate your neighbor’s strange behavior. You repeatedly break into the residence as a result. After every break-in, the neighbor builds fortifications depending on your methods of entry and escape. Your tactics must be modified properly.

The mobile version of this game, which was also quite well-liked on the PC, functions almost the same. With this one, there are also thrillers and horror components. This one is quite pricey. The price makes the criticism a little tougher. However, the game is still enjoyable and has a novel premise, though.

Monument Valley 1 and 2

The games Monument Valley 1 and 2 are widely played games from the Play store. The games employ puzzle techniques influenced by MC Escher. Parts of the level need you to turn and twist to advance and move forward. The games aren’t challenging. Instead of being difficult, they promise a more tranquil encounter.

However, the Monument Valley games definitely appear wonderful. There is no doubt that the art style merits praise. There are a few stages in the original game in addition to the Forgotten Shores DLC. The next game is just a little bit longer than the first.

Final Thoughts

Well, if you are looking for puzzle games to play on your Android that are equally entertaining and as well as engaging, these games are perfect for you.